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Positive reviews continue to roll on regarding ProFormance Wax. We sent samples of our product to our friends over at Hockey Gear Reviews for them to test out. Here is an excerpt from their review:

"The guys at ProFormance Wax sent some samples our way to try out and it truly is a pro level product.
The first thought that crossed our mind was "How can a wax be anything but a wax?" Well we answered that for ourselves after trying the product out. The two step process of applying a base layer and then the desired top layer avoids the excessive build up  that standard wax applies.
Once you have applied the base layer, which is designed to seal the hockey tape only, you have the choice between the PF Max or PF Pro top layer waxes. After playing a couple games with the two different types of top coat wax, there was a definite difference in the feel of the puck on the end of the stick.
In addition to the base layer and two top coat waxes there is PF Goalie wax. It's designed to be used along the shaft of a goalie stick to reduce glove movement and improve control. Once again not "gunky", but still tacky."

You can read the review in its entirety at:

We wanted to thank Matt and the team at for trying our wax and for the excellent review! ProFormance Wax is for players who are GameSerious™ and are looking to play at the highest level.


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