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Hockey World Blog and product reviews raving about Proformance

The reception of Proformance Wax in the hockey community has been exceptional! We want to thank everyone who has tried our product and gotten back to us bout how much they have enjoyed our product.

One of our buyers Michael M. had this to say about Proformance Wax:
"It pains me to say that, I wish you would stop selling your product... 

I wish this only because I don't want anyone else to have this kind of insane advantage on the ice. 

In all honesty, this is a fantastic wax, one that I now can not play without. It's unreal grip, lack of ice build up, tape saving power, and nearly orgasmic good smell make this a must have for any player looking to go above and beyond. 

While using your wax, (this was one application of base and max control over 4 games) I noticed a few great things. My dangels were more dangely, my tape went unused, and my locker room smelled less like a goalies jock strap and more like the fruit loop parrots wet dream. 

Your great wax has become part of my playing and will stay that way as long as you keep making it. All jokes aside, thanks for an amazing product and giving players a chance to take this great sport one step further! "

This type of enthusiasm is why we want to get Proformance Wax into the hands of as many players as possible.

We also have received another stellar review from Matt Austin over at He explains in his review:

 "Since being sent the ProFormance Waxes by the folks at the ProFormance Wax Company, I have been using their products exclusively. Read on for my thoughts on the ProFormance Wax."

You can read the rest of his review on our wax at


Keep on improving your game and stay GameSerious™


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