Universal Shoulder Support

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This Universal Shoulder Support by Proformance provides excellent support for weak or injured shoulders. This support is universal so it can be used on both shoulders and comes with a detachable strap for custom feel. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for everyday use.

  • Applies pressure to affected area to relieve pain and provide support
  • Suitable for general shoulder support, rotator cuff, deltoid, etc.
  • Breathable fabric allows moisture and heat to release
  • Fits both shoulders

Save money with Proformance. Similar braces in stores go for $25.00!

One size fits most. Hassle-free packaging is sealable poly bag. 


  1. Attach one side of detachable strap to back side of brace portion in upper corner.
  2. Position brace portion along arm so that attached fastener can wrap around upper bicep.
  3. Bring strap around back, under opposite armpit, and across chest. Fasten to front upper corner of brace.

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