Build-Your-Own Hockey 20 Pack

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Build your own 20 pack of ProFormance Hockey Wax! With the Build-Your-Own 20 pack, you will get enough ProFormance Wax to last you all season long! Take advantage of the savings when you order in bulk!

You can choose what waxes to include in your 20 pack by selecting the quantities of each wax you want in the areas provided above (Must add up to 20). If left blank or does not add up to 20, you will receive the standard ProFormance Wax 20 pack as described below.

- 6 PF Performance Base Waxes

- 5 PF Pro Control Waxes

- 5 PF Max Control Waxes

- 4 PF Stik Grip Waxes

Each wax weighs 90 grams.

Made in USA

ProFormance Wax...Revolutionizing Puck Control™.

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