About Us


ProFormance Wax Company designs, manufactures, and markets premium sports waxes, tapes, lip balms, and related apparel under the ProFormance, ProFormance Wax Company, and ProFormance Stik Tape brand names. 

In 2012, ProFormance Wax Company (now operating under the ProFormance umbrella) was started with a mission to bring consumers the best sports waxes in the world. After more than a year of research and development at our San Diego, California headquarters, we released our flagship premium hockey stick waxes. The success of these waxes has led us to grow our business into new product categories and sports markets including snowboard & ski, lacrosse, baseball, and kinesio. 

The ProFormance Difference

 All ProFormance Waxes are formulated and manufactured for specific-sport use. What this means is that our hockey waxes are formulated specifically for the ice, our snowboard & ski waxes are formulated for the snow, and our lacrosse waxes are formulated for field use. While other waxes on the market are made of generic paraffin wax, we use proprietary formulas to create our waxes ensuring the highest-quality and longest-lasting products on the market. When you use ProFormance Waxes, you will feel The ProFormance Difference. Check out all of our waxes here.

Our tapes are made from premium-grade fibers and the strongest adhesives to ensure durability and performance under the toughest conditions. See our tapes here. See The ProFormance Difference:

Our ProFormance Lip Balms are designed to protect your lips under any conditions. Our Winter Series lip Balms are made to protect your lips in the coldest conditions using premium beeswax and natural flavors. Our Summer Series lip balms are made to protect your lips from the sun using SPF 15 and UVA/UVB protectors. Find your favorite flavor and feel The ProFormance difference here.

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