SticksUp Initiative

     SticksUp is the company initiative to support injured hockey players at all levels. It is not a separate stand-alone non-profit entity, but a portion of company sales will be donated to third-party organizations and foundations that support injured players. By contributing to the SticksUp Initiative, you will help injured hockey players all over the world get back on the ice.

     The Sticks Up logo expresses the purpose of the initiative – players coming together with their sticks raised to show support the injured player.

Say a junior hockey player, Joey Smith, is injured and his family sets up a fund to support his recovery. We will support that effort with a donation and also using our SticksUp logo to create and sell t-shirts that say “Sticks Up for Joey Smith” to help the family raise money.

     If you would like to contribute to the SticksUp Initiative and help injured hockey players get back on the ice, please click the donate button below.



     If you would like more information about the SticksUp Initiative, please email us at

     Thank you for your support in our efforts to keep hockey players healthy and grow the sport.

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