Premium Snowboard & Ski Wax - Universal

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Glide easy and protect your snowboards and skis with Proformance Premium Snowboard & Ski Wax!

Proformance Snowboard & Ski Wax - Universal is formulated for superior performance on compacted, soft snow. Proformance Snowboard & Ski Waxes feature unique biodegradable, non-toxic formulations to reduce friction to increase glide for more control and sharper turns. Proformance Snowboard & Ski Waxes will also add to the protection of your snowboards and skis. Our waxes improve the durability of your snowboard and skis by adding a protective layer that resists new chips/scratches and fills in old ones.

Recommended Air Temp Applications:

PF Cold - Air temp below 10°F

PF Warm - Air temp above 28°F

PF Universal - Air temp between 10°F and 28°F

Net weight: 90 grams

Made in USA

ProFormance...Your Performance is Our Passion™.


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