Adjustable Wrist/Thumb Support

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This adjustable Wrist/Thumb Support by Proformance provides support for weak or injured wrists and thumbs. This support has a stiff plate on the thumb portion for extra firm support. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for everyday use.

  • Applies pressure to affected area to relieve pain and provide support
  • Suitable for wrist/thumb pain, MC joint damage, and wrist arthritis
  • Breathable fabric allows moisture and heat to release
  • Fits both left and right hands

Save money with Proformance. Similar braces in stores go for $20.00!

One size fits most. Hassle-free packaging is sealable poly bag. Retailer packaging includes clamshell and insert card.


  1. Fasten thumb strap around thumb, below knuckle.
  2. Fasten wrist strap around wrist to tighten and apply pressure. Adjust straps for firm, yet comfortable fit.

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